At the end of 2018 and in the beginning of 2019 Geolux Plain I, Slovenian innovative street light, received four most important international design awards:

  • the iF Design Award 2019,
  • the German Design Winner Award 2019,
  • the Red Dot Product Design Winner Award 2018,
  • the BIG SEE product design award 2018.

The Geolux Plain I luminaire have convinced various international experts with its functionality, innovative design approach that provides advanced technology solutions, easy product placement in the environment and a simple technological process that captures lower production costs. In the segment of energy-efficient lighting, this is precisely the key to providing a short payback period for investments based on energy savings.

"All those honorable design awards have great importance for us. I am very proud that our team have succeeded to create product which convinced many international design experts. I am even more pleased that our luminaire was not only rated as modern design product, but it was also recognized its exceptional functionality and sustainability." Designer, CEO and co-owner Gašper Puhan

We are all children of this world nobody to be forgotten is the aim of the workshop for challenged persons in Slovenske Konjice. By helping the less fortune in this world should be the top priority for the young and healthy. This is why we are proud to have supplied the lighting fort his project which is the story of a young upcoming light designer Jaka Kukovic from Slovenia. Bringing fresh ideas to the Slovenian lighting scene makes him stand out from many of his generation. The luminary used in this project is the RZB Planox ECO. With incorporating all aspects, the project is providing a saving of over 50% with a more than 20% increase in lighting. Making the working environment better and safer. Way to go Jaka – stay thirsty in the pursuit of knowledge.

Crossing the bridge in the hand of skilled architect’s products are not just products but they are elements of art. The credo of Geolux lighting solutions is to provide the tool for designing modern environments and to embrace the progress in urban design. Not just the technical solution but also a design element is the key feature of our GEOLUX PARK line fully integrated LED luminary system. A nice example is the newly designed bridge at Brezje in the municipality of Grosuplje showing the Geolux PARK line L size integrated LED luminary system in nature. GEOLUX more than just smart.

»White castle in the sky« Velenje land mark illumination It is important to illuminate land marks correctly to the highest environmental standards. It is a illumination not just to function but to be the pride of the town and visitors. Illuminating a special project like the Castel of Velenje city which is guarding the entrance of the valley for centuries is a special thing and a one in lifetime opportunity. By using the most effective RZB Light stream reflectors on the market the consumption has dropped for more than 50% and the superb light direction system of the RZB light stream reflector is preventing any unnecessary light spill in the night sky. By adding a remote-controlled intelligent DALI solution from the world leader in this field -Vossloh Schwabe the illumination is adoptable for the future and can be update with scenes and special occasion illumination patterns.

Foto by Boštjan Salmič

What is human centric lighting? It is lighting taking care of the human wellbeing, it is a new word of something always in the mind since the beginning of time. It is about felling, ambient and wellbeing – Centred to human needs. One of the elementary needs is the need for social interaction. And a big part of the world culture social culture is finding a nice place to enjoy with your close ones. We have created one of this places in one of the best wine cellars in Slovenia the “Frescher vineyard” Using a combination of RZB PURA eco as ambient lighting in combination with RZB SIDELITE we managed to create a centre for social gatherings. Cheers to ”Human centric lighting”

Photo by Rok Deželak